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Our goal is to create a Hunting Buggy based on a standard golf cart.  These resilient machines are built to withstand much more than a golf course.  With some custom parts, lift, wheels, tires, and more...you can have a silent scout buggy to set trail cameras, spread food, or just ride around with the notion of sneaking up on some deer.

We concentrate on electric 36v and 48v golf carts.  Most people are stunned when they see what 6 batteries cost (estimated $600-$800). When you figure gas over a 5 year period you have more into petro than lead.  An EZ GO cart holds 6 gallons of gas x an estimated 15 yearly fill-ups x $3.50 a gallon x 5 YEARS (expected life from cared for batteries) = $1575 in gas over the 5 YEARS.

We as hunters love to take care of our land and manage the deer herd.  I watch the Outdoor Channel all the time and feel like I need to be hosting a show to afford the hunting carts they drive around in. Why spend $7-$12k when you can spend under $5,000 for a cart the way you want.

We are working on a line of carts called the SilentScout™ and LazyLivin™....the first cart will be built and designed by hunters for hunters.  The LazyLivin™ cart will be for the person who wants to look good and put-put around the yard.  More specs to come!

Check back often, we are working hard to bring a few models that we can all afford...plus they are GREEN and after you spray it down with scent killer, you do not leave a scent trail of gas fumes and oil.

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